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Holistic Comprehensive Healing Program

Method of Activating Intestinal Peristalsis with Spices and Manual Therapy.
Before we start our healing program, one must see our affiliated medical doctor at Family Medical Clinic in Deerfield, IL or Pro Medical Care Group in Northbrook, IL or 42A Buyuk Ipak Yuli Tashkent UZB for a physical assessment and a blood test.
Spices: onion, garlic, black pepper, anise, triphala.
This is usually taken 2-3 times a day for 5-6 months.
The main objective of the healing program is to promote high-quality digestion by restoring the original peristalsis and intestinal tone. This in turn helps to restore the quality and quantity of blood, improves the blood circulation in tissues, enhances microcirculation, and removes toxins.
Spices cause reactions in all digestive organs, which increases the frequency of peristalsis, the release of enzymes, as well as bile and mucus.
Spices stimulate the excretion of toxins through the gallbladder, urine, and intestines.
A special effect this program has on the intestines enhances peristalsis, increases the tone of the intestines, and decreases its lumen, which helps to eliminate more toxins. There is also a special effect of this program on the bones, which enhances blood circulation in the periosteum. The action of accelerating the blood circulation in the tissues enriches the tissues with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide and toxins.
This method was originally developed for joint and digestive problems.
Many patients noted an improvement in overall health, heightened sexual function, sharp decreased in inflammation in the joints and muscles, rejuvenated skin, loss of one’s sweet tooth, normal sleep patterns, increased energy levels, and an improved mood.
The method consists in listening to one’s peristalsis every session and, by means of various manual manipulations, increasing the peristalsis. The frequency of the swallowing motility and cleansing motility is compared, since the goal of the method is to increase the number of intestinal constrictions over a certain period of time.

How it works

MT Aybek Izzatov is stimulating intestinal peristalsis.

In general, treatment is a process of getting rid of pathological factors that initiated and developed a certain ailment in the tissues and organs of a body.
That is to say, treatment targets a complete elimination of the disease, particularly the root cause. Medicina NU HCHP is exactly that treatment. We are not trying to understand a myriad of subjective consequences of diseases, but we simply remove the pathological factor, or the cause. For example, take a common disease such as hypothyroidism or
Hashimoto’s syndrome. In these cases, the thyroid gland itself is the cause of the disease, since the thyroid cells provoke the immune cells and consequently form antibodies that affect the thyroid gland. Conventional medicine decided to treat the consequences of this disease so that the patient feels better by giving him hormone substitutes that restore the function of the thyroid glands. Unfortunately, this treatment does not satisfy all patients.
In this case, Medicina NU or HCHP eliminates the cause of the disease.
When the thyroid gland was functioning normally, its cells had a natural status, and the immune system had no qualms with them. When the thyroid cells have grown into a status that does not correspond to the norms of their own body, the immune system begins to try and get rid of this gland. The key point is the fact that the status of the thyroid cells has changed.
The fact is that cells live for a certain time, then they either divide by mitosis to form new cells or they die out. Some cells, when dividing, acquire poor quality
of functioning, status, and/or cause a reaction of the immune system. If these cells are not replaced by stem cells into normal monolayer cuboidal epithelial folliculocytes, then Hashimoto’s disease develops. If the number of stem cells in the body and around the thyroid gland is appropriate, then the abnormal cells are replaced by normal ones and the person continues to live a full-fledged life.
From our experience, we say that HCHP maintains an appropriate number of stem cells.
Our long-term observation and analysis have shown lasting rejuvenation and increased physical and mental stamina with this method. The main effects of Medicina NU HCHP are perfect metabolism and a persistent increase in blood volume and quality, which lead to adequate nutrition of all tissues, including stem cells, which in turn increases their amount.
Another example is psoriasis, which is currently under consideration as an autoimmune disease. For some unknown reason, macrophages, lymphocytes, keratinocytes divide and multiply in great number in the skin. In addition, new small capillaries are formed. Obviously, something had to have provoked this reaction.
By the principle of HCHP, all autoimmune processes are generated in the same way,
as we described in Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.
Numerous metabolic reactions take place in the skin. Cells must meet natural standards, and of course, when there are standards present, there are also violations and deviations from said standards. The pool of stem cells should replace all abnormal cells if the non-standard pathological cells will turn on. When the body is young and healthy, this system works perfectly. But sometimes due to aging or
a sudden change in the body’s homeostasis under the influence of stress or hormonal changes, the system of replacement of pathological cells is not effective and/or not initiated at all.
Thus, as you understand, the principle of Medicina NU is to restore and/or increase the number of stem cells in the body.
In fact, if we take any chronic disease and analyze its origin, we will see an autoimmune trace. Such diseases include chronic gastritis, ulcers of the intestinal tract, diabetes, nephritis, arthritis, dermatitis, alopecia, vitiligo, and many others.

Healing Resources

MT Aybek Izzatov is stimulating intestinal peristalsis

How we created and developed the Medicina NU Holistic Comprehensive Healing Program:
In short, our life is all that we have. There is nothing more valuable to living beings than life. Moreover, life is a miracle of the universe.
Almost everyone dreams of a long and healthy life. Life must be healthy, because life with constant pain is punishment.
Let’s see how in ancient times they tried to live long and healthy.
Legend says that a
long time ago, when there were no people yet, gods and demons lived on Earth. They lived for a long time, but unfortunately, not long enough.
They decided to get the elixir of eternal youth from the depths of the ocean. They found a huge whorl snake, wrapped it around the largest mountain, threw it into the ocean, and the sea began to churn.
It churned for exactly one hundred years. Every day, the ocean began to throw out different types of living beings. The last living being thrown out of the ocean was man.
Finally, the ocean boiled, bubbled, and threw a bowl of the elixir of eternal youth onto the land. Gods and demons rushed to the elixir; the crowd was uncontrollable. A young goddess, the most agile of them all, was the one who took possession of the cup.
She promised to distribute the elixir equally to both gods and demons and asked everyone to line up.
Suddenly, an insidious demon in the form of a dragon grabbed the cup and flew away behind the Himalayan mountains towards where Africa, Asia, and Europe join.
He sat down on a small hill and brought the cup to his lips.
Of course, the almighty god and creator could not allow a demon to become immortal and forever young.
As soon as the elixir touched the lips of the demon, the creator cut his head. The bowl with the elixir fell out of the demon’s hands and spilled on that land, and three fruits grew there: amla, bibhitaki and haritaki.
Whoever learns the secret of their use will remain forever young.
Where the drops of the elixir that touched the lips of the demon landed, onions and garlic grew. The bad and harsh taste of these plants clouds the mind and increases lust, and at the same time they kill many contagious diseases and ailments.
Yes, thousands of years have passed, but people still have not fully learned how to use these plants.
Medicine is constantly developing and at the beginning of our time, Ayurveda was considered the most developed medicine.
In addition to the types of body structure and types of foods that depend on the elements, the basic principle of Ayurveda is the principle of digestion: food nourishes plasma and mucus, plasma and mucus nourish blood and organs, blood and organs nourish muscles, muscles nourish fat, fat nourishes bones, bones nourish bone marrow, bone marrow nourishes the seed, and the seed creates the essence of life (which is kept in the volume of 11 drops in the body and three in the heart). In addition, with each transition in this food chain, different by-products are formed.
If a person manages to cleanse himself of these byproducts correctly and in good time, then he will never get sick and will live a long and healthy life.
Now, let’s take a look at our current medicine; the medicine of the 21st century.
Conventional medicine today is a million-dollar industry full of high-tech research on animals and humans. Pharmaceutical companies produce millions of different drugs,
Thousands of laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and advanced medical institutions exist around the world.
The introduction of modern technology into medicine has created an opportunity to raise billions for the development and improvement of preventive and therapeutic areas
in medicine. But unfortunately, we have not seen significant results and people suffer even more.
More and more diseases appear, including a number of children’s diseases, as well as the growing concern over the growth of autism in children.
Stem cell research coupled with the use of telomerase enzyme activators is a great hope, but the first attempts were disappointing.
And yet, humanity hopes for a speedy solution of these problems.
The creator of Medicina NU or the Holistic Comprehensive Healing Program is Aybek Izzatov. He has studied medicine for a long time, both alternative and modern methods.
In 1995, when he became a surgeon, he hoped that the baggage of knowledge received
at the medical college in Tashkent will give him the pride of being a true healer. But unfortunately, it was not enough, even in the first month of his practice, says Izzatov. All the drug regimens and even some surgical methods did not occur exactly as described in their respective textbooks. It was then that he had to take up the study of “all” medicine.
His work was not all in vain, as even in those years, the patients who turned to him for help were satisfied with their treatment.

Interest in Western medicine made Aybek Izzatov move to the United States and take the necessary exam to become a doctor. He received a US medical doctor’s certificate, but due to stress, he fell ill with the following: type 2 diabetes, duodenal ulcer, alopecia areata, due to frequent meditation in the lotus position, an injured inner meniscus of the left knee
, and a ganglion-hygroma (a disease of pianists) started on the right hand because of excessive computer mouse usage. All of this could also affect
his male potency.
He was ill for more than a year and he thought that life would get better and have no stress when all the diseases
pass. But unfortunately, his conditions worsened and did not improve at all.

It was then that he had to apply all his knowledge of modern and ancient medicine in order to save himself. He combined everything he knew into one idea. That is, he integrated all medicines into one program. The treatment took about 3 months. All of his diseases are gone. Entirely gone!
First, his appetite decreased. Besides the fact that this method of self-healing helped to get rid of all of the above diseases, it completely got rid of his paroxysmal tachycardia, which had troubled him for decades. Another surprise was sudden rejuvenation. He felt a lot younger, and life has become good!
At that time, the doctor loved to take photos and videos. He became interested in YouTube and posted a video about how he had a huge bald spot on his beard disappear. Since then, the video clip has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people and many are asking to give them the medicines with which he got rid of his alopecia areata syndrome, because one of the terrible complications can be a complete loss of hair on the body, including the eyelashes and eyebrows.
At that time, the doctor could not provide advice and consultations since he still did not know exactly how the method worked.

The goal was to try this method of self-healing on several people suffering from different types of ailments. He, along with other doctors, began years of observation and analysis.
The principle of Medicina NU or HCHP has a lot to do with the legends and theories mentioned above in this article.

In fact, it contains them. As you remember, the key moment of the first legend was how to properly apply and take the fruits of amla, bibhitaka, and haritaki, as well as garlic and onion. Breaking these spices down into their active molecules and delivering them to the desired tissues is Medicina.
NU has devoted years of practice to all these subtleties and is now effectively being used to treat and prevent many diseases.

The second theory had a basic principle in cleansing the fine channels of the “digestive chain”. In fact, this is the entire principle of metabolism. HCHP has mastered the exact schemes of 100% metabolism for many groups of people, depending on age, gender, place of residence, constitution, and character.
The third portion is modern medicine. Thanks to laboratory tests, it is possible to skillfully calculate the state of the blood and organs, including the blood volume and approximate blood volume deficit.

Metabolism Correction

MT Aybek Izzatov is listening to intestinal peristalsis.
As Friedrich Engels said, life is the existence of proteins. All living beings are built of proteins. The word “existence” in that phrase means maintaining, creating and destroying, or in other words, metabolism. The main directions of metabolism are anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism is creation, catabolism is destruction. Let’s consider Anabolism (from Greek ἀναβολή, “lifting”) or constructive metabolism – a set of chemical processes that constitute one of the sides of the metabolism in the body, aimed at the formation of high-molecular compounds.
Anabolism is interrelated with the opposite process, catabolism, since the products of the breakdown of various compounds can be re-used in anabolism, forming new compounds in other combinations. The processes of anabolism occurring in green plants with the absorption of solar energy (see Photosynthesis) are of great importance for maintaining life at the planetary level; they play a crucial role in the synthesis of organic substances from inorganic substances. Anabolism includes the processes of synthesis of amino acids, simple sugars, fatty acids, nucleotides, polysaccharides, protein macromolecules, nucleic acids, ATP.
Plastic metabolism results in building enorganic proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from nutrients entering the cell, which in turn are used for forming new cells, their organelles and intercellular substance.
In general, anabolism builds and supports our body. Although we have already mentioned catabolism, let’s give a definition to this phenomenon too. Catabolism (from Greek καταβολή, “dropping, destruction”), also energy metabolism, or destructive metabolism is the process of metabolic breakdown of complex substances to simpler ones or oxidation of a substance, usually resulting in the release of energy in the form of heat and molecules of ATP, a universal energy source for all biochemical processes. Catabolic reactions are the basis of dissimilation: the loss of complex substances of its specificity for a given organism as a result of breakdown into simpler ones.
Examples of catabolism are:
conversion of ethanol through formation of acetaldehyde (ethanol, CH3CHO) and acetic acid (ethanoic acid, CH3COOH) into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Glycolysis – conversion of glucose into lactic acid or pyruvic acid and then, during cellular respiration, into carbonic acid gas (CO2) and water (H2O).
The intensity of catabolic processes and the predominance of certain catabolic processes as energy sources in cells are regulated by hormones. For example:
glucocorticoids increase the intensity of protein and amino acid catabolism, while inhibiting glucose catabolism {C_{6}H_{12}O_{6}+3O_{2} 6CO_{2}+6H_{2}O+Q}}} (more precisely, increasing its anabolism, inducing the accumulation of glucose in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue, thereby reducing the concentration of glucose in the blood and lymph, mediating hypoglycemia), insulin, on the contrary, accelerates catabolism of glucose and inhibits protein catabolism.
Catabolism is the opposite of anabolism – the process of synthesis and resynthesis of new, more complex, compounds from simpler ones, consuming energy of ATP. The ratio of catabolic and anabolic processes in the cell is regulated by hormones. For example, adrenaline or glucocorticoids shift the balance of the cell metabolism toward the predominance of catabolism, while insulin, somatotropin, testosterone, on the contrary, lead to the prevalence of anabolism.
The conclusion to be drawn from the above is that life is a metabolism. In our body, the processes of anabolism and catabolism are constant; the cells are destroyed and newly formed. For example, cells of the skin and large intestine live for several days, red blood cells live up to 4 months, white blood cells up to a year and so on. Many types of cells of our body are constantly renewed. Substances formed at the time of cell disintegration are excreted from the body with bile, urine, sweat, and also as hair, skin peelings etc.
A building material for new cells is food, it make metabolism or life possible. Food is disintegrated to the smallest molecules like amino acids, glucose, ethanol and fatty acids, ATP molecules, and so on, and from them, anabolism and resynthesis of cells and cell structures of the body begin.
And if the breakdown of food is not done normally, the synthesis goes wrong too and the wrong cells and cell structures are created. For example, if, due to stress, the processes of catabolism have increased, the breakdown of energy molecules has accelerated, and the sufficient amino acids and nucleotides are not supplied, the probability of mutant cell formation is high. The latter become the target of the immune system, and so the immune processes occur. And all due to the abnormal process of digestion.
Another example is the accumulation of altered proteins. For the survival of cells, the circuit of proteins is important, for which the appearance of damaged and superfluous proteins is critical. Oxidized proteins are a typical result of the influence of active forms of oxygen, which are formed as a result of many metabolic processes of the cell and often interfere with the correct functioning of the protein. Nevertheless, the mechanisms of repair can not always recognize the damaged proteins and become less effective with age due to a decrease in the proteasome activity. In some cases, proteins are part of static structures, such as the cell wall, that can not be easily destroyed. The circuit of proteins also depends on protein-chaperones, which help proteins to obtain the necessary conformation. With age, their repair activity decreases, although this decrease can be the result of overloading of chaperones (and protoasomes) by damaged proteins.
There is evidence that the accumulation of damaged proteins does occur with age and may be responsible for such age-related diseases as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cataracts. Therefore, every human being on Earth needs correction of metabolism.
Myths about calories. These days, everyone thinks that you need to eat as many calories as you can burn with physical and mental exercises. But it doesn’t make sense, because our body is not an oven where everything that is eaten is burned to ashes. You eat 2,000 calories of food and burn the same amount in the gym, but then you go to the toilet and empty 1500 calories of feces. So it turns out all you got is 500 calories? The answer is no. Because metabolizing food of 2000 calories requires spending 400 calories; that means the answer is: 100 calories. Well, where does the energy of 2000 calories from the gym come from? The thing is, the energy unit of Joule can’t be used for living organisms, because a complex system of muscle movement works with efficiency of almost 200% and 300%, as a unique spring, using inertia in full. Imagine how many calories burns the heart by pumping tons of blood per day, or a brain by transmitting millions of signals per minute. Myths about food calories and burning them are completely incompatible with the principles of metabolism, so in our concept of correction of metabolism, caloric intake doesn’t matter.
The basis of correction of metabolism is one hundred percent digestion of food. When all the necessary building materials for the synthesis of all structural elements of the body are present in the proper quantity. If you have a 100% metabolism, then in fact, you start eating less, and the energy is formed in abundance. That allows you to resist many diseases and aging. To determine the effectiveness of metabolism, you just have to look at a person, and you can see with the naked eye if their metabolism works well. But the most revealing method is the study of blood in relation to age, weight and height of a person. We examined a huge number of clients of different categories and found out the pattern of this combination. The main indicators except weight, height and age are glomerular filtration, lipid panel, electrolytes, hematocrit, and of course the hormonal background. Based on all these indicators, we choose our treatment tactics.
Correction of metabolism begins with the intestinal tract. There is a constant struggle between bacteria and intestinal cells. If the contents of the intestine pass through the digestive system more slowly than it should, then food rots due to bacteria and becomes not suitable for metabolism because of the toxins of these bacteria, and if the food passes faster than it should, then the intestinal cells are unable to suck in the digestive products or absorb poorly processed nutrients, which also challenges metabolism. Therefore, there is a certain speed of movement of the intestine for a certain type of food; it is also called peristalsis. Most organs in which the process of peristaltic contraction occurs, have two layers of smooth muscles in their walls, in one of them the muscle fibers are located longitudinally, in the other – circularly. Coordinated contractions of these muscles form a peristaltic wave. Smooth muscles, in contrast to the striated muscles, contract relatively slowly. Their contractions are involuntary, that is, they can not be controlled by consciousness. For example, the muscles of the digestive tube organs are smooth, except for the “input” (there are striated muscles up to the upper third of the esophagus) and “output” (external sphincter of the anus). Therefore, after swallowing and before the act of defecation, all the processes associated with the food movement, including peristalsis, are not controlled by consciousness.
The frequencies of peristaltic waves differ in different organs (compartments). They are set by special pacemakers – nerve cell clusters, among which the interstitial cells of Cajal play a dominant role. Pacemakers generate slow waves of transmembrane potentials. Slow waves do not cause muscle contractions, but create in the muscles a potential close to the activation threshold. When slow waves of action potentials appear on the plateau, the muscle fibers contract.
Thus, pacemakers determine the frequencies of peristaltic waves (as well as other phase contractions). In a healthy person they are following (in cycles per minute): in the stomach – 2-4, in the duodenum – 10-12, in the jejunum – 9-12, in the ileum – 6-8, in the large intestine – around 0, 6, as well as 3-4 and 6-12, in the rectum – about 3, in the Oddi’s sphincter – 3-6.
As you can see, the normal functioning of intestinal tract requires the perfect peristalsis. Therefore, the principle of correction of metabolism is the restoration of the harmonious work of the pacemakers and the muscular tone of the intestinal walls. This effect is achieved with the help of a correctly selected means: oil, spices, chewing and salivation. Based on blood data, age, weight and height, we choose the kind of oils and spices and the volume of electrolytes with water at eating. From the very beginning, the patients pay attention to a pleasant sensation in their stomachs, lightness and less gas, and the main positive effect, a rapid shrinking of the stomach. We believe that shrinking the stomach solves many problems of your body, such as fatigue, shortness of breath, abnormal blood pressure, snoring, lack of sleep, heartburn, etc.
Another part of correction of metabolism is the restoration of microcirculation in tissues. One of the main causes of all diseases, including cancer, is insufficient blood supply to tissues. With abnormal metabolism, a defective protein is formed and settled in small capillaries, thereby slowing down, and sometimes completely stopping blood flow in them. With chronic improper metabolism, blood volume gradually decreases, and blood can not fill the microcirculatory bloodstream, which also leads to diseases and fast aging. After all, the elderly, as well as obese and sick people have 15% less blood. Correction of metabolism aims at the gradually recovery of microcirculation in the tissues by selecting the right set of spasmolytic spices, the volume of water and electrolytes. As a result, you get rid of many problems of your body, and rejuvenate inside and out.


We all know, that guts are the center of health in human body.

HCHP program restores the strength and motility of the GI muscles and the metabolism is automatically restored to it’s perfect state.

You become the perfect version of yourself, strong and healthy.