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Conventional Medicine and Alternative Medicine

Traditional medicine has a thousand-year tradition. From time immemorial, world-renowned doctors lived and worked, cured many diseases and cured the population. So what about today? What are the prospects for the industry?

  • If we talk about the past of alternative medicine, then it’s past was gloomy, that is, today it is considered a superstition, experience and skills in medicine, formed over millennia and passed down from generation to generation. Today, the world’s population, especially the population of developed countries, is increasingly interested in natural, cheap, harmless and safe alternative remedies and medicines. No one can deny that great healers have passed away, but we have a great spiritual heritage. Currently, there is great potential in this area. For many years, the field of traditional medicine has been neglected, this phenomenon has not been scientifically studied. And modern medicine is more and more dependent on the chemistry of pharmacology. There is a popular saying that a chemical addict burns his bed to kill a flea. In recent years, people have begun to understand the harm of chemistry and this will serve to increase public confidence in traditional medicine. “One of the most popular questions during the coronavirus pandemic was whether incense would work in such a situation.” “Since ancient times, incense has been widely used in folk medicine. It is no exaggeration to say that incense is still used in every home in the east. It’s cure for a thousand different ailments is well known and popular among people. In particular, it is the most reliable traditional method of preventing infectious diseases. While there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of frankincense smoke against coronavirus, it’s use only for the prevention of certain infectious diseases is positive. It appears to stimulate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
  • What important discoveries have been made in traditional medicine in recent years, and what diseases have led to significant positive results in treatment?
  • We cannot say that great discoveries have been made in this regard. But today every doctor treats chronic diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular, allergic diseases, stones in kidneys, tumors, skin diseases and other diseases that seem complex in the eyes of modern medicine, which in itself is a great discovery. “Modern medicine and traditional medicine seem to go on separate paths and contradict each other,” What is the real situation?
  • In fact, the situation is unsatisfactory. Plato 2,400 years ago, said: “This is a big mistake: doctors treat physical and mental illnesses separately. Are they not separate from each other? Nowadays, doctors treat people, “distributing” them to narrow specialties. As a result, the disease heals very slowly, with great mental and physical effort. There is a big difference between modern medicine and traditional medicine. One of the main reasons for this is the training of specialists in this field. Medical universities have no education in traditional medicine. Therefore, future doctors have no even superficial understanding of folk remedies. Another problem is that in traditional medicine for the treatment of a particular disease, different methods and means are used, and also each doctor has a free and creative approach to treatment on an individual basis. In modern medicine, treatment is based on duly approved and rigorous standards and protocols, without which the physician cannot act independently. If this violates the standard, responsibility is inevitable. However, the same standard does not work for all patients. Because every body can have different characteristics. At the same time, modern doctors accuse doctors of illiteracy due to lack of medical knowledge. It should be noted that comments on the requirement that doctors also have medical information were made without taking into account the current situation. Because medical skills, knowledge and abilities are usually passed from generation to generation, from teacher to student, and in some cases when modern science cannot explain them scientifically. For example, Avicena did not have a medical degree … Today, traditional medicine has acquired official status in addition to modern medicine. This is a great achievement, but, in our opinion, traditional medicine should have an official status not as an addition to modern medicine, but as an alternative system of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Only then can there be healthy competition between the two systems. “This pandemic has shown the importance of human immunity and overall health.” What simple advice would you give to take advantage of alternative medicine industry to improve your health?
  • In medicine, the power of the mind is paramount. “The body tends to obey the orders of the will,” says Avicena. According to him, illness is primarily gives information to body that comes through sensory perception pathways. Take the flu or SARS, for example. We know that the main cause of these diseases is airborne viruses. But not only that. The body’s defenses become an insurmountable obstacle to the spread of viruses. But everywhere, people who have heard about the spread of the virus and are alarmed by the severity of its complications are afraid of contracting the disease. It is then that the body’s defenses, weakened by fear, are released. The question is, how to educate the human will powers? “What you eat is medicine, and what you see is food.” Human health and well-being depends on many factors. Be active because movement is a necessary factor in every aspect of life. The statement of the great Avicena that “a person who is constantly on the move does not need a doctor” is a fact that does not require proof. That being said, there should be no surfing in action. The unique manifestations of regular physical activity, which is an important factor in health, are embodied in an active person.